Hi. My name is Yana Calou, and I’m a queer feminist activist living in Brooklyn, New York. The issues I work on range from media activism to economic justice, and on projects from oral history pieces to queer online dating solutions!

I’m currently organizing retail workers as the Communications Director at the Retail Action Project for my day job, where I’m overseeing a member-led rap music video for a forthcoming statewide legislative campaign, and training members to raise their voices in the media about issues affecting precarious workers in New York City. By night, I’m working on performance art pieces, anĀ oral history project on radical separatist communities, and developing a web application to connect queer people for dates and community.

I’ve been a spokesperson on queer, feminist, and labor issues for years and really enjoy training others to be media-savvy and camera-ready to make change. I’m lucky to pay my bills by doing what I care deeply about: communicating for social change.

Check out what I’m working on, and feel free to get in touch to see if we can make some magic happen!